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Myths About Drain Cleaning You Shouldn’t Believe

Myths About Drain Cleaning You Shouldn’t Believe

Here are some of the myths that have arisen about drain cleaning.

Drain cleaning is an important task for any homeowner to get done. Unfortunately, there are myths that have popped up about drain cleaning that only serve to cause more harm than good. We want to review these myths with you today, and make sure you don’t take the wrong types of advice. Here are some of the myths that have arisen about drain cleaning.

“You Should Always Start With a Plunger”

When you have a clogged drain, is your first instinct to reach for the plunger? Plungers can definitely be helpful as long as you’re not being too forceful with it or plunging too quickly. The problem with plungers is that they can incidentally push obstructions farther down your drains. This is why you should consider getting feedback from a local plumber. They can let you know what the optimal approach to cleaning should be in your situation.

“It’s Fine if Drains are a Bit Slow”

Maybe you’ve used your shower and noticed that the water level is a little higher than usual. Perhaps the water in your sink is taking longer to drain than it did before. A big mistake you can make is to ignore the issue and assume that all is well. Slow drains are just the first sign of a much bigger issue, an issue that should be addressed professionally before it has a chance to get out of hand.

“It’s Expensive to Get Drain Cleaning Done”

Are you hesitant to get drains cleaned because you’re worried about the cost? While repairs do come at a price, we’re here to tell you that drain cleaning is an affordable preventative service for your home. Not only that, but by getting drain cleaning done, you avoid having to deal with bigger plumbing problems down the road, which would otherwise cost you much more money. This means it’s a big money saver overall.

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