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Different Kinds of Water Heaters You Can Install

Different Kinds of Water Heaters You Can Install

Today, we’re going to review different water heaters you can install so that you can determine which type is right for you.

Water heaters are needed in pretty much any home, as they supply your home with the hot water that’s needed to run devices such as your dishwasher, washing machine, and shower. If you’re getting a water heater installed, though, you may have found that there are many kinds of heaters from which to choose. Today, we’re going to review different water heaters you can install so that you can determine which type is right for you.

Conventional Water Heaters

These heaters are the most commonly used among homeowners. When you use a conventional water heater, water is heated and then stored until you’re ready to use it. They are powered either by using electricity, fuel oil, or natural gas.

If this is the water heater you get, you’ll have to perform a hot water flush either one of two times each year. This helps remove any grime that has collected at the bottom of your heater throughout the year. With proper care, you can get somewhere between five and ten years out of these models.

Tankless Water Heaters

These heaters are a little different because they don’t store heated water for later. Instead, they use heat coils to heat up water very rapidly so that you have hot water the moment you need it. You’ll pay a higher upfront cost for a heater like this, but the energy efficiency is much better.

We recommend using a water heater like this if you have a larger family because these heaters are optimal for houses that need to run multiple devices at once that demand hot water. Like conventional heaters, water flushing will be needed, and this typically needs to be done at least annually.

Heat Pump (Hybrid)

These heaters will heat your water using a heat pump that may already be present in your home. The water is heated via the hot air in the nearby area, so if you’re going to use a water heater like this, it’s best to install it somewhere that has plenty of excess heat. You don’t want to use a heater like this if you’re in a cold climate, so you want to give it some serious thought before you install a water heater of this variety. These heaters are much more energy-efficient, but have a higher upfront cost, meaning you’ll get your money’s worth as long as you’re willing to use it long-term.

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