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It’s Time to Remodel Your Bathroom!

It’s Time to Remodel Your Bathroom!

When you have to remodel your bathroom, there are a bunch of decisions you need to make.

When you have to remodel your bathroom, there are a bunch of decisions you need to make. For one thing, you might have to reposition your pipes and plumbing. There are so many choices that all call for your attention, so here is how you can address them!

Keep It Simple with the Tile 

Choosing new bathroom tiles doesn’t need to be tedious. In fact, it can be one of the best parts of the entire process. You can focus on the floor alone, and at least for the time being, worry about the tile in your shower later on. Using some artistic tile to make an emphatic statement can be more affordable than using this same tile throughout your remodeled bathroom.

Countertop Choices

While everyone thinks about the counters in the kitchen, there are counters in other parts of your home as well. In other words, don’t forget about the countertop in your bathroom, too! A granite countertop is a charming part of your kitchen, which means you are probably inclined towards adding more of it to your bathroom. Neutral colors are popular these days, which means that can be more expensive than you anticipated.

Think about the Paint

Repainting your bathroom is another cost-effective option. However, the money you save could be outweighed by the time and effort you would have to invest in this project instead. The moisture and humidity levels can also affect how well the paint dries and how long it lasts. Consider adding a satin finish, which looks gorgeous and adds another layer of protection against mold and mildew.

Get New Fixtures

Depending on the age and size of your bathroom, getting brand new fixtures can also help. Breathe new life into your bathroom by switching out the toilet, the tub, the sink, and the vanity for newer models that are trendier than what was there before! The lights, towel racks, and drawer-handles in your bathroom also make a big difference – they are inexpensive changes and can also give the room another shot of style, as well!

All of Your Plumbing Needs from Master Plumbing

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