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How to Know Something is Wrong with Your Bathtub

How to Know Something is Wrong with Your Bathtub

It can be hard to keep your bathtub clean.

It can be hard to keep your bathtub clean. Using it every day is something homeowners take for granted, especially if they have a shower/tub setup. But sometimes the problems are more pervasive than that. Here are some of the signs that something is wrong with your tub and it needs to be fixed. 

No Drainage 

Let’s say you were showering this morning and then noticed that the water wasn’t going down the drain. It’s a pretty typical instinctive response to ignore this and keep on with what you’re doing. But all of the grime that you are washing off of you needs somewhere to go, and it has to be able to go down the tub’s drain. If there’s no drainage, then you know something is actually wrong. If you don’t do something about it soon, it can easily become a health hazard for everyone under your roof.

The Stopper is Dirty 

Another possible reason your bathtub won’t drain is that the stopper is filthy. If the stoppers get stuck, then it interferes with the smooth flow of water. Take a closer look and see if you can discover the source of the problem – more often than not it is caused by clumps of wet hair, soap scum, and other debris that won’t break down. 

Stubborn Clogs

Then again, there could also be stubborn clogs that you didn’t realize were there until just now. Many people shower in the morning to help give them a boost for the day ahead. By that same token, many people choose to shower at night so they can wash off the day before it’s time for bed. Either way, not cleaning your tub can lead to a clog that is hard to get rid of; a drain snake might not be able to deal with it. Bottle caps from toiletries and razor covers could have slipped into the drain and blocked it. 

Deeper Problems 

If none of these issues are visible, then that probably means they aren’t to blame for your plumbing woes. There are deeper problems at hand that you will be unable to handle on your own, and that’s why professional plumbers can respond and address any problems you run into, whether it is invasive tree roots, things that can’t be flushed, or unexpected objects – like a toy that got stuck during bathtime! 

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