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Sewer Line Replacement: Signs You Could Use One

master plumbing sewer line replacement

If you have wet, soggy spots on your lawn, especially when it hasn’t rained, this could be a sign that your sewer pipe is leaking.

A plumbing disaster is a scenario that literally no one wants to think about. Pipes bursting and soaking whole areas of your home, causing mold and mildew and possibly damaging the electrical and structural aspects of the building is a literal nightmare. It becomes worse when the scenario is a sewage pipe instead of a clean, fresh water pipe. Unfortunately, a sewer line issues isn’t always so obvious as a rupture or an overflowing toilet, but it can still be as huge an issue (especially if it goes unnoticed for a while). Read on for 8 signs that you need a sewer line replacement.

Wet Soggy Spots

If you have wet, soggy spots in your lawn, especially when it hasn’t rained, this could be a sign that your sewer pipe is leaking. In most cases, any plants around the areas are often also very full and lush (thanks to the extra nutrients).


Gross Standing Water

If you can smell sewage, you have a sewer line problem, so gross smelling standing water on your property is one of the biggest signs tht you’re in need of a sewer line replacement.


Gurgling Noises

If you hear a lot of gurgling noises coming from your pipes that you can’t otherwise explain, it’s a bad sign probably indicating that it is time for a sewer line replacement. If, on the other hand, the gurgling only happens in certain situations (like right before you use the disposal), it is likely not a sign of a sewer issue. 


Cracked Or Broken Pipes

If any of the pipes that are part of your sewer system in your home are visibly cracked or broken, you need to at least have them replaced. It is a good bet, however, that if those need replacing then the main sewer line does too. 


Age And Other Factors

If you know that your main sewer line is older, you should be aware that it will need to be replaced sooner or later. There were different materials used at different time periods for sewer line construction, but in almost any case you should not expect to get more than a century out of your sewer line. In most cases, sewer lines last several decades, but then they do need to be replaced. Similarly, if you have a lot of trees around your sewer line, you should suspect some root intrusion (as the roots seek water), and know that the life of the sewer line is shortened by it.


Influx Of Pests

Finally, a sewer line issue will attract and allow access by various pests, including bugs and rodents. If you’ve noticed an influx, it is time to call a plumber and have your sewer system checked. 


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