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Sewer Inspection: Why You Need One Before Buying a Home

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And at this point, you’re more than likely wondering what this could even be a problem. That’s why an in-depth sewer inspection matters so much.

Congratulations! You’re finally a homeowner. Once all the closing costs and other financial matters are settled, it’s time to think about moving day. Unfortunately, there’s one more issue that you’re probably overlooking. Even if you don’t realize it, something could be wrong with the sewer lines underneath your beautiful new house. And at this point, you’re more than likely wondering what this could even be a problem. That’s why an in-depth sewer inspection matters so much. 

Conventional Home Inspections Might Not Go Deep Enough 

Home inspections are a normal part of the homebuying process. It’s as common as the open house and then making an offer. This step exists because buyers want to feel confident their investment won’t be going to waste. Some houses are called money pits, after all. A fixer-upper doesn’t need to drain your finances or smell like a sewer drain, to boot. Home inspectors search the actual structure of the building, inside and out. The thing is, sewers are often buried underground and beyond the purview of the inspectors you’ve hired. They don’t have the tools, equipment, or expertise to assess problems to do with the sewage

Prevent Unexpected Problems Before They Arise 

Sewer inspections are so valuable because otherwise, the new homeowner could end up unhappy. That discontent could stem from swallowing an unexpected cost (more than likely one that overdraws your tapped-out savings) or due to backup problems where the lateral is malfunctioning. The system can be damaged by invading tree roots, and in the most severe instances, the line itself has eroded and is now virtually useless. Sewer and plumbing contractors can swoop in and save the day, though. The best of the best offer video camera inspections. Beyond a simple diagnostic tuneup, master plumbers can determine the length of the lateral, where it joins the community sewers, and if you happen to overlap with your neighbors. Sewer inspection checklists can make your head spin. That’s another good reason to avoid attempting it on a DIY basis. 

The Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement  

We suggest that you invest in trenchless sewer line replacement.  Of course, this measure has to be financially feasible for you and your family. The trenchless replacement is much more efficient and, more importantly, doesn’t disturb or damage your landscape. Trenched sewer lines are more complicated to fix or replace, so getting them replaced takes longer.  

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