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Saving Water and Saving Money

Saving Water and Saving Money

Saving water means you’ll also be saving money.

Saving water means you’ll also be saving money. Even if you live in an apartment building where the water bill is tacked onto the rent, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t climb too high. In these uncertain times where the environment is suffering doing everything you can to help it is an admirable goal. Here’s how you can save water and cash at the same time.

Toilet Problems

It’s an age-old issue, something is wrong with your commode. It could be running too long after you flush it, or you might have noticed an odd leak. Either way, when you have toilet problems, you’re also losing money. There is a piece of the flusher called the ballcock, which you might have to replace it. Fortunately, this can be done easily at your closest hardware store.

Some handy dye tablets might also help you uncover a leak. By dropping these into your toilet, you can test for just such a problem. Fix the leak as soon as you find it, since wasting over 500 gallons of water every day can take a huge toll on your water bill.

Dealing with Clogs

Clogs are another constant thorn in your side when it comes to plumbing maintenance. It might not just be your toilet, either. Your pipes are just as likely to encounter a clog. However, even if you need to clean out your drains, you don’t always need to rely on the harsh chemicals supplied by the name brand drain cleaners. Environmentally friendly options can be just as affordable and will serve much the same function.

Avoid Heating Water

Even though it’s cold outside, a cup of coffee or tea isn’t always a good idea. Even if all you want is some hot cocoa, that might be a problem too. Why? Because you’ll need to use your hot water heater to achieve the best results. But your microwave is there for a reason, and you can use it as a quick substitute so your hot water heater doesn’t need to overexert itself, and you can start saving water.

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