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Debunking These Common Plumbing Myths

Debunking These Common Plumbing Myths

There are many pervasive plumbing myths you should learn about.

What is it about growing up and heading out on your own that opens you up to all sorts of old-wives tales. This seems to be especially true about owning a home. There are so many tips and tricks – now they’d be called hacks – that we learn along the way of homeownership that are really just myths. This is no less true about home plumbing than anywhere else in the house. Read on for some of the most pervasive plumbing myths, and remember, if you have plumbing issues call a professional before your small issue becomes a big problem.

Save Water With A Brick

Lots of plumbing myths focus on the toilet, probably because it’s such a widely used fixture. This one comes from a good place of wanting to save money and water, but it could cause big problems. The idea is that if you put a brick in the tank, it displaces some of the water so the tank doesn’t fill as much. This is not a frugal hack to avoid buying a low-flow toilet. Over time the brick will break down in the water and eventually your toilet will pay the price. 

Don’t Stress A Slow Leak

This one is an expensive myth. Many people hope they can simply ignore a slow leak because “it’s not that much water” but it adds up quickly. If you don’t believe it, put a bowl under that drip for a night and see how full it is by morning. Then call a plumber to get it fixed.

Hot Grease Won’t Clog

Just because it is liquid when it’s hot, doesn’t mean it will stay that way. The grease will coat your pipes as it cools and congeals, and a clog is in your future. Always throw grease away in the trash. 

Lemon Peels Refresh A Sink

Lemon peels do smell nice, but you should never put them down the sink unless you have a high-powered garbage disposal. Without a disposal, the peels will likely cause a clog. A better option is to thoroughly mix vinegar and baking soda and then pour it down to refresh the drains.

Rumbling Water Heaters Mean Trouble

The myth here is that if there is a loud gurgling or rumbling sound from your water heater, it is about to explode. This is not necessarily true. Often hard water produces sediment that sinks to the bottom of the tank and causes air bubbles to pop making the noise. You should still have a professional come out to check and possibly drain and flush your water heater, but it isn’t likely to explode.

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