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4 Ways to Know You Need A Plumber

4 Ways to Know You Need A Plumber

You don’t need to be deprived of water to know how much you miss your home’s water supply. Here are some ways you can know that you need to call a plumber.

Having access to running water is something that we often take for granted. But you don’t need to be deprived of water to know how much you miss your home’s water supply. Here are some ways you can recognize that you need to call a plumber.

The Drains Are Slow

A slow drain is incredibly frustrating. However, when you find one, it means that there’s a clog in the line somewhere. Over time, that clog will only get worse. The longer you wait to fix it, the worse it will be, and the harder it will be to fix it, too. While there are some easy home fixes for slow drains, if nothing has changed even after multiple attempts, then you should call a plumber for help.

Unpredictable Water Pressure

Stable water pressure is wonderful, as everyone who needs a hot shower after a long day knows so well. Along with water pressure, you’ll want to be sure that the water doesn’t change temperature unexpectedly while you’re using it. If you keep running into these problems, then you’ve got another reason to call a plumber.

The Faucets Keep Dripping

Another troubling problem is when the faucets keep dripping. Whether this faucet is in your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, all that dripping will cause your water bill to go up unexpectedly. By dealing with leaky faucets as soon as possible, you can save thousands of gallons of water. If you don’t do anything, your fixtures will eventually wear out, as will the caulk and grout around the faucets.

The Water Is Contaminated

Lastly, the final problem could be that something is wrong with your water. However, just because your water is contaminated, it doesn’t mean that it will be immediately evident. If your water is brown or green, then it could be a sign of too much iron or copper in the water, or dirt from construction down the street. If the water smells strange, then it could also indicate that sewage has entered your water supply and you’re not aware of it yet. These are also signs that it’s time to call a plumber.

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