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Noisy Faucet? Your Silver Spring Plumber Has the Answer

If you’ve ever had a noisy faucet, you know just how annoying this problem is. If you’re faced with an unpleasant sound every time you wash your hands, it can quickly turn a small annoyance into a major headache. Luckily, this problem is often easily fixed! It’s a simple DIY job that can generally be completed in a very short time. Read on to learn how to fix your noisy faucet yourself.

noisy faucet

Learn a few tips to fix that noisy faucet once and for all.

Noisy Faucet? Your Silver Spring Plumber Has the Answer

Check the aerator

A common cause of a noisy faucet is an aerator that’s clogged with mineral deposits. Your aerator is that small screen that covers your mouth of the faucet, and this is the easiest fix of all. Simply unscrew your aerator from the nose of your faucet and then turn on the water. If the sound is gone, you’ve found the problem! All that’s left is to make a quick run to the hardware store, pick up a new aerator, and screw it on.

Replace the washers

The washers inside your faucet can wear out and cause a noisy faucet. Replacing your washers simply involves dismantling your faucet (but don’t forget to turn the water off first!). Once the handles are removed, swap out the old washers for new ones and reassemble. Turn the water back on, run the faucet, and see if that helped.

Replace your plumbing

Okay, so this isn’t a DIY fix but if neither of the former techniques worked then you may be in over your head. Plumbing systems that are old and outdated can become clogged, or your pipes may be too small to handle your water needs, which can cause annoying noises.  If you think that your plumbing system may be to blame for your noisy faucet, call your Silvery Spring plumber today.

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