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4 Reasons Something is Wrong with Your Bathtub

4 Reasons Something is Wrong with Your Bathtub

What’s wrong with your bathtub? Here are some possible culprits!

It can be hard to tell when something is wrong with your bathtub. A shower/tub combo can be hard to keep clean, much harder than if they are separate fixtures. Whether or not you’ve chosen to splurge on a jetted tub, you’ve got to know what the cause is when it starts to malfunction for some reason. Here is more information!

It Doesn’t Drain

First of all, let’s suppose the tub doesn’t drain at all. Or if it does, then it does so slowly. Showering every day without stopping to clean the tub isn’t such a good idea, especially when all the dirt and dust you are washing away won’t drain. It just makes the water look gross, for one thing, and for another, you might not be getting as clean as you think you are! You’ve got to do something before it could make everyone living with you sick – and as unlikely as that sounds, you still don’t want it to happen!

Stopper is Filthy

When was the last time you checked on the tub’s stopper? It could be extremely dirty. Keep an eye on the stopper and check it every few days. The stopper could get stuck much like the flapper in a toilet can get stuck. Whenever this happens, it interrupts how smoothly the water flows. Soap scum, clumps of hair, and even hard water could all be to blame for this problem.

Clog Won’t Go Away

One of the most frustrating problems with any tub, jetted or not, is when a clog simply won’t let up. Or it just won’t dissolve. Try a drain snake to see if that can break up the clog. If that doesn’t work, and it might not, then it’s time to turn to other methods. See if something more tangible, like a razor cover or shampoo bottle cap, fell down the drain and is blocking it like you would see in a kitchen sink. Of course, there could be other problems at fault. You won’t know until you look!

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