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Sump Pump Maintenance and You

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Does your sump pump need a little love?

If you are having wet basement issues, you are not alone. The American Society of Home Inspectors has estimated that over half of all US homes have issues with water in the basement. While a sump pump can be an effective tool for mitigating the effects of flooding and water manage, you must know some maintenance tips and strategies in order to get the most from your sump pump. While your sump pump does not require extensive maintenance, here are some inspection tips to make sure it’s functioning properly.


Sump Pump Inspection Steps


-Check the discharge line to ensure it isn’t frozen or stopped if. If you find any issues, unclog the air vent hole in the line carefully.


-Take a look at the inlet screen and make sure it’s not gummed up with harmful residue and debris. Do this three or four times a year to keep your sump pump working its best.  


-Over the course of your inspection, make sure that nothing is obstructing the float component and it can move smoothly.


-Next, scan the pit carefully. Remove any debris, such as mud or stones, that you can see.


-Test your sump pump by slowing pouring water from a bucket into the pit. You should be able to visually notice the float rising as the water level does, which causes the unit to start pumping. If there’s no pumping, ensure your sump pump is connected to electricity properly before beginning any maintenance. You float switch or check valve may also be causing sump pump issues.


-Take a look outside and make sure that water is discharging and flowing as it should, away from the foundation of your home where it can cause damage.  


Yearly Maintenance


Once a year do a complete test and perform any maintenance necessary on your sump pump. Be sure to read the instruction manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely, as there is some variation amongst sump pumps.


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