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Why You Should Insulate Your Pipes Before the Winter Freeze

Insulate Your Pipes

Take care to insulate your pipes before the winter freeze if they need it to avoid burst pipes later on.

Summer is here and the weather is hot, sticky, and humid—but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to already be planning ahead for the winter! It’s best to insulate your pipes long before the first freeze of winter, and summer is the perfect time to get the ball rolling. Why should you insulate your pipes before the winter freeze?

Keep Hot Water Hot

It sounds a little silly, but just like your winter coat keeps you warm all winter long, insulating your pipes will keep your hot water hot all winter long. Do you have a traditional water heater tank? You are already paying to make your water warm, so why not keep it that way with insulated pipes. Good quality pipe insulation can actually make your house’s warm water even warmer. Whether you are looking to take a quick shower or washing off the dishes, your water will be hot sooner and stay hot for longer periods of time.

Keep Cold Water from Freezing

While insulation isn’t needed to keep cold water cold, it is needed to prevent cold water pipes from freezing in areas of your home that don’t have any climate control. Adding insulation to your pipes now will not be a significant cost investment but can prevent costly pipe breaks or leaks. If your pipes freeze during the winter, this will cause a big mess when the freeze-thaw cycle kicks into effect. Pipe insulation can also help during the summer when water enters your home, as it won’t be quite as warm and need any cooling.

Pipe Insulation Is Best Done in the Summer

While pipe insulation is not a complicated and labor-intensive task, it is best performed in the summer. The weather is warm and plumbers will not be stretched as thin as they are in the winter months (once everyone else’s pipes start bursting). It will also be much more comfortable to have people leaving and entering your home, as the weather isn’t yet too cold.

Insulate Your Pipes Before the Winter Freeze with Master Plumbing

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