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Common Sump Pump Issues To Look Into

Common Sump Pump Issues To Look Into

Look out for these signs of wear and age in your sump pump so that you’re not surprised by a wet basement and flood damage if it stops working.

While spring is traditionally the season of heavy rains and flooded basements, we also see plenty of these in the fall and even the winter in the D.C. metro area. Heavy fall rains can wreck a basement that isn’t adequately waterproofed, then in the winter, melting ice and snow can do just as much damage as heavy rain. The most common means of keeping a basement dry is a sump pump, but they need maintenance, and eventually, they may even need replacing. Look out for these signs of wear and age in your sump pump so that you’re not surprised by a wet basement and flood damage if it stops working. 

Continuous Running

If your sump pump is running all the time, or even just running when there isn’t any reason for it, it is a sign that something is wrong. All of that overwork can wear out your sump pump prematurely and cause it to break down. Often the issue is something like a stuck switch or a missing or broken valve. However, the problem could also be that there is continual flooding you’re not aware of or that the sump pump just isn’t the right size. Consult a professional and have someone come out as soon as possible to fix the issue. 

No Lid

If you don’t have a lid on your sump pump, the odds are good that you’re getting all sorts of dirt and debris in your pit. This can cause problems by clogging the sump pump and jamming the switches. If your pump is clogged or jammed, you should have it inspected and repaired and then get an airtight lid for it to prevent the issue from happening again.

Noisy Sump Pump

All sump pumps make some noise when they’re working, but any unusual sounds are likely an indication of an issue. These could be thuds, thumps, rattling, grinding, or gurgling, most often, and often indicate an issue with the motor. Thankfully, motors can usually be repaired, but you need to have a professional assess the issue first.  

Dry Pit

If your sump pump is running, but the pit is dry, you have an issue with your sump pump or your drainage system. The pump and the system should work together, but if the pit is dry, it may indicate that the drain system is clogged. It could also suggest that the sump pump was installed incorrectly. A professional will be able to tell you for sure. 

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