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When You Should Get a Gas Pipe Repair

When You Should Get a Gas Pipe Repair

Find out when you should get a gas pipe repair.

Many people don’t realize that the gas lines for a home are actually part of the plumbing, so if you ever have a problem with a gas line, you should call a plumber to do the repair. (And, like most plumbing issues – including pipe replacement and water heater repair – gas pipe repairs should not be DIY’d). Gas leaks are also not a problem that can be put off. Gas leaks, large and small, are dangerous and need to be addressed immediately. While big gas leaks are usually obvious, small ones can be harder to spot. Keep an eye out for these warning signs.

Appliances Aren’t Working Correctly

If your gas-powered appliances aren’t working correctly, this may be a sign of an issue with your gas line. A single appliance failing might simply mean the appliance was old, but if you’ve got multiple appliances and they are all having issues, it’s more likely to be the line. Over time, a faulty gas line can lead to your appliances being inefficient and failing.

Utility Bills Are Higher Than Normal

Increases in your utility bills that don’t have a clear alternative explanation can also be an indicator that you might have a gas leak. If you’re paying for gas that you’re not actually using that’s going to make your bills go up. Typically, in this situation, you notice a big increase over what you were using when the gas pipes were installed that does not have a clear alternative explanation.

You Hear a Hissing

When you’re near your pipes, can you hear a hissing? That is almost certainly the sign of a leak. There aren’t very many alternative causes of hissing, so if you hear it, you should definitely have a plumber come out.

Plants Are Dying

The health of your indoor plants can also indicate a problem with your gas line. If you generally know how to care for plants, but all of the plants that you keep in one specific area seem to die, this can actually be a sign of a gas leak in that area.

Windows Have Condensation

If the windows directly above the gas line seem to have a lot of condensation, this can also be a surprising indication of a gas leak.

You Feel Off

Finally, if you feel off when you’re at home and you can’t quite figure out why, it might be a sign that you have a gas leak. Exposure to gas can cause lightheadedness, nausea, and increasingly serious symptoms.

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