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The Benefits of a Leak Defense System

The Benefits of a Leak Defense System

There is no foolproof way to prevent leaks in your home. Here are some benefits of having a leak detection system installed at your house.

Have you ever discovered a leak in your home after receiving a sky-high water bill for the past month? Are you concerned that a pipe might burst while you’re gone when you head out of town during periods of cold weather? There is no foolproof way to prevent leaks in your home, but there are options for a quality leak defense system. What are some of the benefits of having a leak detection system installed at your house? 

Leak Defense System 101

Before getting into the benefits of a leak defense system, it’s important to understand what they are. These systems are also known as flood detection systems, flood stops, leak prevention systems, and more. Each of these systems works by finding unusual water usage patterns proactively so that your water can be shut off before flooding occurs. We are authorized installers for Leak Defense System and can help bring this technology to your home. 

Safety on the Go

If you travel a lot, it’s not always convenient to turn off the water to your home when you are out of the house or just gone for one night. A leak defense system is an effective way to know if there is potential water leaking at your house so that you can turn off the water remotely before things are allowed to worsen. Additionally, you can have push notifications sent directly to your mobile device informing you of any irregular water usage so that you can react right away.

Insurance Companies Value Them

Insurance companies prefer to see homeowners who are proactively taking time to protect their properties. As a result, some homeowners insurance companies offer premium discounts to those who install a leak defense system. Additionally, some insurers even require people to have some type of leak defense system installed. We can provide you with any documentation necessary to demonstrate to your insurance provider that you have a leak defense system.

Prevent Damage

If water is allowed to drain into your home without any type of response, tremendous damage can be done in only a few minutes. A leak defense system is an easy way to mitigate the damage and ensure that you are able to act as fast as possible.

Install a Leak Defense System With Master Plumbing

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