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Hot Water Problems? Try These Solutions

master plumbing hot water problems

Resolve these hot water problems to make sure your household has access to the comfort you desire.

There are many reasons why your hot water heater may not be producing all the hot water you desire. Regardless of the reason, when you don’t have access to hot water, you definitely feel its loss. The first step in solving the problem is finding the cause. Consider the different solutions below, depending on what your particular hot water problems may be. The experienced professionals at Master Plumbing can then perform the high-quality services you need. 

Spurts of Hot and Cold

If your water runs hot and cold randomly, there may be sediment build-up in your water heater’s tank. Sediments build up faster when you have hard water, and your pipes are old. If sediment builds up, it leaves less space for hot water in your tank.

The hot water tank should be flushed and drained to resolve the issue. To avoid sediment build-up, you can schedule a professional drain and flush about once a year. 

You Run Out of Hot Water Quickly

Water heaters have two heating elements, the top and bottom. If the bottom heating element stops working, it isn’t heating most of the water in your tank correctly. This means you will have to rely on the small quantity of water heated in the top element. When hot water runs out, your water heater sends the unheated water. To resolve this problem, call Master Plumbing to replace your tank’s bottom water heater. 

Your Water Is Never Hotter Than Lukewarm

It can be very frustrating when you can only get lukewarm water. This may happen when the water heater’s dip tube is broken, which mixes the replacement cold water with the hot water in the tank. If the tube is broken, you may even see bits of plastic in your showerhead or sink. Call the pros for a dip tube replacement if you notice this debris. 

You’re In Competition for Hot Water

If you compete with your household to use the hot water before it runs out, you’ve got a problem. If you have these hot water problems, your water heater may be too small. Conventional heaters can supply water equal to the size of their storage tank. If you use more water than that tank can provide, your heater will need 20 to 30 minutes to reheat new water. To fix this problem, hire a professional to install a larger water heater. 

You’re Not Getting Any Hot Water

One of the worst hot water problems to have is when you have none at all! Your water heater has a thermostat that determines how hot the water gets. If you’re not getting any hot water, your thermostat may be malfunctioning or incorrectly set. Try resetting the thermostat once or twice. If the problem persists, give Master Plumbing a call. 

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