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Hot Water Heater Repairs in Friendship Heights

Friendship Heights is located on the borders between southern Montgomery County and Washington DC. It is a lovely residential community that has become the perfect place to move and stay close to the historical excitement of our nation’s capital. Keeping your home running at its best incorporates a lot of moving parts. One of the main aspects of your home that you may not even think much about is the hot water heater. You may overlook it when it is working perfectly, but you will definitely know when it is damaged or not working right. Hot water heater damage can be catastrophic to the rest of your home. The last thing you want is a flooded room and excessive water damage!

At Master Plumbing, we are here to avoid disasters and help keep your hot water heater, and your household in tip top shape. 

Master Plumbing Professionals in Friendship Heights

You may have a few plumbing books for reference in your home. You may even have some experience fixing small leaks, but hot water heater repairs aren’t for the faux plumber. Hot water heaters, and their repairs and maintenance, can be very complicated and disastrous when mistakes are made. Hot water heaters require proper tools, expertise, and training! Master Plumbing has a knowledgeable team that is armed with everything you need to fix the problem. Our goal is to keep the process stress-free and get your hot water heater working properly again. 

Historic Homes and Hot Water Heaters 

With close proximity to historic Washington DC, your home may have some beautiful, old architecture and style. We always prioritize preserving your home’s unique history and character. A new hot water heater will be discreet and keep future damage from ruining the important parts of your home that you want people to see. Master Plumbing  will keep your hot water heater up to date and working the way it should be!


Early Signs of Damage? Don’t Wait!

Is the quality of your water not right? Do you hear weird sounds some from your hot water heater? Do you see signs of water leakage? Your hot water heater may seem fine, or have minor signs of damage, but a small problem can lead to catastrophe in the blink of an eye. Usually, when hot water heaters take a turn, it is a pretty extreme disaster in the home. That is why the team at Master Plumbing is here to help take care of the hot water heater in your Friendship Heights home and avoid future plumbing pains.

No Immediate Signs of Damage? 

Your hot water heater may seem fine, but there could still be a silent disaster building up, especially if it is old. Master Plumbing has a great team of experts that can survey your hot water heater and give you an estimate on its lifetime. We are a good reference to ensure that you hot water heater is in good health. We can give you peace of mind with important check ups for your hot water heater!


Is Hot Water Heater Working For You in Friendship Heights?

Master Plumbing has received Angie’s List Super Service Award recognition for plumbing and drain cleaning every year since 2007, in addition to the Best Plumber award! We are fully licensed, and our service is unparalleled! 

Give Master Plumbing a call today at (301) 650-9100 if you see signs of damage or want a check up for your hot water heater. 


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