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How to Prevent Flood Damage from Spring Downpours

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Flood damage can be far worse and much more difficult to remediate than you anticipated.

Thunderstorms make for good sleeping weather. Admit it: you’ve used their soothing sounds as white noise to help you fall asleep faster. They’re not as much fun for the landscape and foundations of your home, though. Plus, flood damage can be far worse and much more difficult to remediate than you anticipated. You shouldn’t be overconfident about how well-protected your house. All the same, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed, either. Master Plumbing can help!

Stop Previous Water Damage Cycles

Your first defense against flooding is actually pretty simple. Before you can safeguard your home against water damage, you have to know where it is most likely to come from. In this case, be proactive when it comes to patching up leaks. Cracks in the walls or foundation can be just as annoying and messy as leaks in the ceiling. 

Get Rid of Visible Debris 

If leaks aren’t the problem, the gutters might be. That’s why it’s so urgent to clean out any debris that you find. The gutters, eaves, troughs, and window wells all need to be cleaned and maintained. Blockages such as fallen leaves, broken twigs, and bird nests can clog your water protection systems and cause them to backfire, so to speak.  

Prepare the Sump Pump 

The next step is to start up your sump pump. These pumps are essential components of a good defense against flood damage. Preparation now means less pain later on. Make sure the sump pumps keep running the way they should and collect batteries as necessary. If you have a backup power source, ensure that it is in good working condition in case of power failure. Backwater valves can also guard against sewer back-ups.

Look for Leaks in the Roof 

Does your roof have some missing shingles? Whether they’ve been blown away by the wind or have just fallen into neglect, you will need to replace them. Cracked skylights present another area of concern. All in all, have a leaky roof repaired before the worst-case scenario comes true. 

Redirect Where the Water Goes 

The best way to minimize heavy flood damage is to stop it from happening in the first place. To that end, redirect the water. Regrading your yard can diminish the chances of water pooling. Downspout extensions and foundation drain tiles boost soil drainage – so think about setting them up! 

All of Your Plumbing Needs from Master Plumbing

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