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Why Not to Perform a DIY Water Heater Installation

Why Not to Perform a DIY Water Heater Installation

Although a DIY water heater installation sounds like a good idea, there are other reasons why you must reconsider.

Although a DIY water heater installation sounds like a good idea, there are other reasons why you must reconsider. One of them is you could spend more if something goes wrong on the job. To do the job properly, you must have specific tools and technical knowledge, most of which typical DIYers need to gain.

Safety Issues

The safety risk involved is the most important reason for a professional water heater installation. Improperly installing the unit can trigger a massive explosion that could result in property damage and severe injuries. If water damage occurs, you and your family could experience long-term health problems from water contamination and mold growth.

Some safety problems resulting from improper water heater installation could reveal themselves immediately. Others might take months or years to become apparent. Either way, the risks are significant to attempt to do the job if you need more experience or the right tools.

Technical Factors

A water heater installation requires substantial skills and knowledge, regardless of whether you are setting up a new unit or replacing a defective one. In addition, licensed plumbers study and train for years before handling an installation for the first time, and it’s something you can only pick up after some time. Additionally, licensed plumbers usually have insurance, so the plumbing company will typically cover the damage if anything goes wrong with the installation.

Insurance Considerations

Even though most insurance policies will pay for damage caused by burst pipes, flooding, and broken plumbing, they might apply to repair or installation done by a plumbing company. So, if you don’t have the qualifications to complete the job, you might be out of luck with insurance compensation.

Errors That Could Happen During a DIY Installation

  • You can increase your energy bill if you obtain the wrong size of the tank.
  • Installing the unit in the wrong place.
  • Forgetting to install a drain pan can result in expensive repairs or water damage.
  • Setting the pressure valve incorrectly can cause an explosion.
  • Using the wrong materials and components.
  • Neglecting local codes and permit regulations.

There are many DIY things you can do in and around your home. But DIY water heater installations typically aren’t one of them.

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