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What Not to Put Down Your Drains

What Not to Put Down Your Drains

Here are some of the items that you shouldn’t put down into your drains.

The accidental drain clog is not an uncommon occurrence for homes to experience. Given how common drain clogs can be, we want to take the time to notify you of which items you should keep out of your drains so that clogs are less likely to occur. Here are some of the items that you shouldn’t put down into your drains.

Fats and Oils

Almost half of all drain clogs that happen in the United States stem from people pouring oils and fats down the drain. It might seem convenient at first to simply pour these products into your drain and forget about them, but they will float along the surface of water and gather pieces of food until a blockage is formed that prevents your drains from functioning properly.

“Flushable” Products

The definition of the word “flushable” is still under scrutiny, as there are some “flushable” products, such as cotton balls and baby wipes, that are still capable of clogging up drains. For this reason, it’s just safer to keep these products away from your drains.

Hard Foods

Perhaps you have small pieces of hard food that you think can fit into your kitchen drain, like peas, corn, or fruit pits. Even if you own a garbage disposal unit, it’s still better for you to keep these foods away from the drain. Instead, dispose of these leftover pieces of food by using a trash bin.


When we think of flour, we think of a dry, white powder that is good for making all sorts of delicious foods. While flour can start out this way, it undergoes changes when it’s exposed to water, and these changes make it problematic to put down your drains. Once flour can combine with water, it transforms and becomes more adhesive, causing it to become a lot of effort and trouble to get out of your drains.

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