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What is Safe to Put Down Your Drains?

What is Safe to Put Down Your Drains?

Today, we’ll be telling you what you can put down your drains (and what should never go down them).

We use our sinks every day, mainly for tasks such as washing the dishes. Something else our sinks provide is a place to dispose of certain materials. Sometimes, we can get tempted to put pretty much anything down the drain, but there is a limit to what you can put down them. Today, we’ll be telling you what you can put down your drains (and what should never go down them).

What Can Be Put Down the Drains?

There are many things that are perfectly acceptable to put down your drains. Soft foods, as an example, are able to be broken down by your garbage disposal. You can also pour liquids down the drain. Liquids won’t cause any obstructions, with the exception being liquid grease. If you pour grease into the drain, it will solidify later and obstruct your pipes.

Something else you can put down the drain is vegetables. While eating your veggies is preferred, you may have some small scraps left over, which can go down the drain safely.

What Can NOT Be Put Down the Drains?

It’s important to note that not just anything can go down your drains. To start, grease, fats, and oils will harden once they get into your pipes. Instead, you want to put them into jars or other containers, then throw them away into your trash. Pasta, flour, and paper towels should also stay away from your kitchen sink because they all share the trait of obstructing your pipes. Paper towels absorb water, flour mixes with water until it becomes goo, and pasta will clog your drains as well. You should also keep medications away from your pipes. While they don’t cause clogs like the other items we’ve mentioned, there are environmental concerns that can pop up when medications get into the ecosystem, so it’s best to find another way to dispose of them.

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