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How a Water Softener Can Benefit You and Your Plumbing System

Water Softener

Learn below how a water softener can keep your appliances running smoothly!

Many homeowners deal with hard water coming from their fixtures every day and don’t think of it as a big deal. Some see a water softener simply as a luxury or an added expense in a home which really isn’t necessary. But would you consider cleaner water and lower energy bills a luxury? That’s exactly what a water softener can do for you and your plumbing system! Here are some other reasons why water softeners are so great for homeowners.

Extending the Life of Your Appliances

Hard water is full of minerals that can cause serious scale buildup in your household appliances. Magnesium and calcium can wear down your ice maker, faucets, showerheads, dishwasher, and other appliances in your kitchen and bathrooms. Over time, this can even affect the efficiency of the appliance itself. A water softener can remove these harmful minerals and extend the working life of these essential home appliances.

Saving on Your Energy Bills

Water heaters can also degrade from the scale buildup associated with hard water. This means it needs to work harder to warm up your water, driving up your energy bills in the process. But a water heater protected by a water softener can reduce the annual energy cost of the heater by 22-29%, making it good for your wallet!

Cleaner Dishes and Clothes

Many homeowners complain that their clothes don’t ever seem to get clean enough, or worse, that colors fade in the wash. Another common problem is white spots and streaks on your glassware after coming out of a dishwasher. These problems are all directly related to hard water, and once you’ve had a water softener installed you’ll notice that they will almost immediately disappear.

Better You!

When we shower under a stream of hard water, the minerals can clog our pores and make our skin dry out. Soft water, on the other hand, doesn’t impede the production of natural skin oils, leaving skin more hydrated. Your hair will also feel a lot better after showering under soft water too!

Helping Keep Your Plumbing in Great Shape Year-Round

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