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Toilet Maintenance Tasks to Complete

Toilet Maintenance Tasks to Complete

Keep reading to learn what toilet maintenance tasks you need to get done.

When you think of areas around your home that require upkeep, your toilet might not be the first place to think. Nevertheless, keeping it well-maintained does wonders for extending its lifespan and keeping it nice and clean. Keep reading to learn what toilet maintenance tasks you need to get done.

Detect Water Leaks By Using Food Coloring

If your toilet was leaking, would you know about it? It’s actually not very easy to notice at times. To help identify water leaks in your toilet, you can take a couple of drops of food coloring and put them into the tank. After the food coloring goes in, you should wait around 15 minutes before you inspect the tank again. If there is a leak in your tank, you’ll see the toilet bowl filling up with water that’s the same color as your food coloring.

Don’t Use the Wrong Types of Toilet Paper

There are different kinds of toilet paper you can use. Part of good toilet maintenance means knowing which toilet papers to use, and which ones to avoid. Some varieties are so thick that they clog your pipes. That’s why you should stick to toilet paper that’s able to be flushed without straining your pipes. If recurring clogs occur, even when using appropriate toilet paper, you could also consider upgrading the toilet you have.

Use a Vacuum Prior to Toilet Cleaning

Another important part of toilet maintenance includes keeping it clean. The problem with cleaning your toilet is that there may be hairs, fibers, or even dust bunnies that accumulate around the bowl. If you try to scrub your toilet with something like a sponge, these pieces of debris can easily be spread around.

For this reason, we recommend using a vacuum to get rid of all of that debris before you start cleaning. Once the debris is gone, antibacterial multipurpose cleaners will be much more effective at getting your toilet clean once again.

For Toilet Maintenance, Call Master Plumbing

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