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3 Energy Efficient Upgrades for Your Bathroom

energy efficient

Remodeling your bathroom? It’s a great place to install some energy efficient upgrades!

If you’ve been planning to remodel your home, chances are the bathroom is one of the first places you thought of when making that decision. In fact, bathroom remodeling projects have become the most common ones in America. With the recent focus on making homes more friendly to the environment, your bathroom remodeling project provides a great opportunity to implement some new energy efficient upgrades. Here are three easy ways to save energy, water, and money.

1. New Toilets

Toilets account for nearly 30 percent of a household’s daily water usage. That makes it the perfect place to start making your home more environmentally friendly. New high-efficiency toilets reduce the water used per flush from 1.6 gallons to 1.3 gallons. You could also install a dual flush toilet which offers both a standard 1.6 gallon flush and a half flush option!

2. Low-Flow Shower Heads and Faucets

Implementing water conservation practices, such as turning off the water when shampooing your hair and brushing your teeth, are the best way to save water in your home. But we all know how hard old habits are to break sometimes. So you should consider installing low-flow shower heads and faucets. These reduce the amount of water used in these fixtures without compromising on water pressure, cutting water usage by an average of 30%. They can also reduce your hot water usage which can save you money on your energy bill!

3. Bathroom Lighting

Most people prefer their bathrooms to be nice and toasty in the morning. But you don’t have to accomplish this with energy inefficient 100 watt light bulbs! Consider installing a large energy efficient window to bring in more natural light to your bathroom. Replace your incandescent light bulbs with newer efficient LED or CFL bulbs to save yourself some money on your electric bill. And as for the heating aspect, a small in-wall heater or baseboard heater should be able to warm up your bathroom without having to depend on your furnace for heating the entire house.

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