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Water Line Repairs in Columbia

Water Line Repairs in Columbia

Columbia residents can trust Master Plumbing to ensure water lines remain in good working order.

When your Columbia home’s water line stops working normally, then you are in need of water line repairs. But the main question that comes up at this point is this: what does that mean? Having no access to running water is a huge, headache-inducing inconvenience. The worst of it is when it happens right before the holidays. Let’s learn more about what water line repairs.

Why Does Your Water Line Fail?

There are three main reasons why your Columbia home’s water line fails. All three of these reasons can cause you to need water line repairs:


  1. Deterioration: Given enough time, the water line serving your Columbia home will begin to wear down. Your pipes and plumbing should last at least twenty years, but plain poor construction, installation, or maintenance can all contribute to a shorter lifespan than is expected. Whenever you need water line repairs, it’s better to trust the professionals at Master Plumbing.
  2. Water Temperature: The changes in the water temperature flowing through your water line can make a difference as well. This isn’t just because of the groundwater heating up or cooling down as the seasons change, either. Your use of hot or cold water can affect the soil around your water line. The pipes can crack and break because of the soil movement.
  3. Freeze/Thaw cycle: While winter isn’t going away any time soon, that doesn’t mean the freeze/thaw cycle has stopped. Water lines are more likely to break in cold weather, so if you are worried about the freezing and thawing of your water lines causing damage and necessitating water line repairs, then you should address it as soon as possible.

How to Know This Is a Problem

When you don’t have any water at all, or the flow is minimal, then you know something has happened. It might not be that your water supply has been turned off, but that a water main break near your Columbia neighborhood is the cause. You also won’t have as much pressure as you’re used to, or you’ll see water in your yard. Two other associated problems are if your water bills are going up higher than they normally would and if you hear odd sounds coming from your pipes.


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