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Is Your Hot Water Heater Holding Water in Wheaton, Maryland?

A home without a working hot water heater is, well, in hot water! Danger and threats abound! If you are a Wheaton, Maryland resident with a non-functioning hot water heater Master Plumbing is here for you. Water damage does profound damage to a home. A hot water heater incident can cause damage far exceeding replacement of the heater. Your hot water heater is on the job every day. We are always available. It is our pleasure to serve our Wheaton, Maryland customers.

A Cacophony of Hot Water Heater Noise

Many household appliances and home equipment make sounds when heat meets other surfaces. Hot water heaters are no exception. But sometimes there comes a moment when the sounds coming from your hot water heater are suddenly a cacophony. You know something is wrong! Investigations are better left to experts! A hot water heater is a combination of electricity, water, and in many cases gas. Many dangers lurk including scalding water. Play it safe. Leave the solutions to the experts!

Read the Signs – Water is a Clear Indicator

Water is the most telling sign that your hot water heater is fast approaching a non-operational condition. The water should be on the inside. If you notice water coming from or around your hot water heater, call a professional immediately.


Your Hot Water Heater is Telling You!

Rust at the bottom of a heater is your hot water heater putting you on notice. It is time for a change. When the tell-tale rust begins to appear, you can rely on the expert team from Master Plumbing to evaluate the situation. The relationship between metal and water always has a shelf life. Your hot water heater may be traditional or on-demand. At some point, change will be necessary. By paying careful attention to signs the, Wheaton homeowners can protect people and property by taking action and calling us at 301-650-9100.


Choices that Hold Water

More than ever before, you can match your hot water heater tank to your needs, household composition, and available space.  In deference to the need to reduce greenhouse gases, we make ENERGY STAR products available to customers.

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