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Georgetown Keeps the Charm and Ditches the Antique Hot Water Heater

The Georgetown neighborhood in Washington, D.C. is one of the most desirable places to live and has been for centuries. The community has retained cobblestone streets and early Federal-style architecture. Residents enjoy walkable proximity to Georgetown Waterfront Park and a bike path along the C&O canal. Diners enjoy boutique markets and upscale restaurants. Many restaurants are open front. During glorious Georgetown springs, residents can dine al fresco and breathe cherry-blossom perfumed air. As glorious as it is to reside in a place so full of traditional architecture and dwellings, a home’s mechanical systems must be from the current century to keep your life running. While many things about a home’s character increase the value, an antique hot water heater does not.

A Vintage Hot Water Heater is a Disaster On the Way

Master Plumbing has served customers in Georgetown and the Washington, D.C. area for decades. Old buildings require master plumbing for many reasons including bringing buildings up to current code. Codes evolve for a reason; they protect you, your family, and your property. After decades in the plumbing industry, we know what historical methods of installation and material choices fail, and at what point in their life cycle. There are telltale signs, though some only a master plumber would recognize upon inspections. Master Plumbing works to the highest standards. Quality installation of a hot water heater is a smart choice for the value of your home and the safety of all who dwell there.

Wicked Ways of Water

There is a reason we offer our customers certified technicians. Plumbing must be done correctly the first time. We have seen the damage water does to a property. Unmaintained hot water heaters, like all plumbing failure, can result in expenses far exceeding the cost of the plumbing repair. That is why we should listen to our pipes. If you begin to hear a different “tune” from your pipes schedule an appointment immediately.

Old Ways and Known Ways

It takes a special plumber to work in traditional, and especially, historical buildings. In places like Georgetown, homeowners want to preserve and protect the footprint and style of the home while enjoying state-of-the-art energy smart resources, like tankless hot water heaters. Fortunately, for our customers, we know exactly how to toe the line of aesthetic tradition and still get your plumbing up to the 21st Century.

Shiny and New, Your Bathroom and You

The good news is that there are many great designers and contractors who Georgetown homeowners can work with to upgrade bathrooms and kitchens while still maintaining  the integrity of the property’s history. We will work with your designer, contractor, or architect to execute the plumbing for your project smoothly, cohesively, and to a great result. We hope you enjoy every minute of your upgraded kitchen and bathroom. These are the upgrades that increase the value of your property and your comfort and convenience while you inhabit your space.

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