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Sump Pump Replacement: 6 Signs You Could Use One

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Strange noises indicate that there are worn or damaged parts and if the motor noise seems excessive or sounds unusual, the motor could have a failed bearing.

A sump pump is a mechanism that reduces the risk of water damage and flooding to the underground part of your home. The pump removes accumulated water in a water-collecting sump basin found in the basement of some houses. Sump pumps need a replacement every few years. The average life expectancy of a sump pump is about ten years. Besides this time marker, here are six other signs that you should call us to replace your sump pump. 

If Your Sump Pump Makes Strange Noises

Strange noises indicate that there are worn or damaged parts. If the motor noise seems excessive or sounds unusual, the motor could have a failed bearing. Rattling or grinding noises imply a jammed or broken impeller (the fan on the bottom that draws water into the pump.) 

Excessive Vibrations from Sump Pump During Operation

Impellers have a balanced design, ensuring that it reduces wear and tear to the shaft it utilizes to spin. The impellers might become bent or damaged when a pump sucks up hard debris. A damaged or bent impeller will cause the entire pump to wobble, creating tension on the shaft. The wobbling causes a noise, indicating that there will be future sump pump issues. It’s nearly impossible to rebend the impeller into the correct position. For this reason, a replacement is best. 

Your Sump Pump Keeps Running 

A pump that runs all the time stems from a switch problem. The float ensures a smooth operation on the on/off switch. Your pump depends on the switch and the float arm mechanisms to run. Switch issues happen when the pump shift inside the basin, making the float ineffective. Additionally, this problem can occur if the switch loses connection to its power source. 

Irregular Cycles 

Does your pump cycle on and off often, even during heavy rains? If so, there could be an incorrectly adjusted float switch that causes the pump to turn on when it has only accumulated a few inches of water. Wiring malfunctions or shorts in the electrical system could also be the cause. 

The Pump Runs for a While

Your system most likely doesn’t have sufficient horsepower for the volume of water that it needs to handle or for the distance it must pump. Attempting to calculate what size pump you need is a professional job that requires pipe diameters, plumbing elbows or pathways, and reservoir dimensions. Additionally, this process involves understanding the drain pipes and their layout. For example, if the pump must push water up tall, vertical plumbing fixtures, it needs more power to combat gravity. 


The cause of rust could be corroded battery terminals. However, sometimes the discoloration could come from bacteria. Bacteria can feed off the iron in the water, causing discoloration. In extreme cases, a gel-like substance causes clogging. Iron bacteria is a health hazard and will cause water flow problems in your drainage system. 


Contact Master Plumbing today if one or more of these problems apply to your sump pump. 

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