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How to Handle Pipe Bursts

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How often do you come across a broken pipe?

How often do you come across a broken pipe? Even when it’s not cold outside, you can encounter busted pipes. This scenario isn’t always a cause for concern, but it’s easy to panic whenever you run into one. Fortunately, there are some quick solutions for when you need to think on your feet. What can you do until a master plumber can arrive? We’ll explain!

Shut Off the Main Water Valve 

Shutting off the main water valve might not occur to you right away. Rational thoughts don’t always come through loud and clear in startling situations. If you don’t see the main water valve down in the basement, it’s most likely in the kitchen instead.

Empty the Pipes 

After you’ve turned off the main valve, it’s time to empty the pipes. By doing this, you can ensure that no more water will come out of the damaged piping. Flush all of the toilets and run cold water out of each faucet.  

Shut Down the Water Heater

The only thing worse than flood damage ruining your belongings is to be doused in painfully hot water. Stopping the water heater will prevent this mishap. Go around your home and clear the hot water from each faucet. 

Cut the Electricity 

Water conducts electricity. But under the wrong circumstances, that simple fact of science can be incredibly dangerous. Make sure that you shut off your power supply as soon as you safely can – the water from the leaking pipe could have affected electrical outlets and fuse boxes. 

Figure Out the Source 

Determining the source of leaks can be difficult. After all, a burst pipe won’t always be obvious, even upon closer inspection. Some telltale signs of leakage include bulging ceilings, pooling water, and the cabinet under the sink filling up with water. Use a bucket to collect the water that steadily drips from that pesky leak.

Determine How Big the Break Is

Fortunately, estimating the extent of the break is relatively simple. Once you know which pipes need to be patched up, grab some commercial tape. You could also use a chemical bonding agent to seal the holes. It’s normal to feel intimidated by such a prospect, though. If that’s the case, call a professional plumber to repair or replace the pipes for you. 

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