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What Causes Home Plumbing Leaks?

What Causes Home Plumbing Leaks?

The majority of plumbing leaks tend to be from use and age. Let’s investigate some of the most common causes of home plumbing leaks.

There are many wonderful things about being a homeowner, but there are also many stressful things as well. Dealing with plumbing issues ranks up near the top of that list of stressful things. Plumbing issues range from the very minor but annoying (like a dripping faucet or spigot) to the catastrophic (a burst hot water heater or main line). It’s easy to spiral into worry about how the minor leaks might portend future catastrophe. The vast majority of plumbing leaks tend to be the result of simple use and age, however, rather than a sign of a major issue but they still need to be addressed. Let’s investigate some of the most common causes of home plumbing leaks.


When your pipes have clogs, the clogs cause water to back up in that pipe. This simple backing up of the water increases the pressure inside the pipe. Especially in pipes that are old, increasing pressure can cause pipes to fail and leak 9or even burst). This is why addressing clogs as soon as you see the early signs is key. If you do notice the signs of a clog, like a slow to drain tub or a backing up sink, call a professional. Don’t use liquid drain cleaner as it can actually cause more harm to your pipes than the clog. Then, in the future, protect your pipes by making sure that nothing goes down them that should actually go in the garbage can (food scraps, hair, wipes, etc).


Even if you are truly careful to never let anything bad go down the drain, your pipes could still burst just from the effects of age. Over time, the constant exposure to water will cause corrosion like rust. This corrosive action will both weaken the pipe over time but may also eventually lead to a clog as the flakes of rust wash off and then build up elsewhere in the system. This situation will need a professional inspection to assess.


Finally, the most common cause of leaks is also the easiest to fix. All appliances and fixtures have seals in them at any place where the water runs through. If those seals wear out and break down, the appliance or the water intake area could start to leak. Thankfully it is a fairly easy task to replace the seal on most appliances and fixtures and many people may even be able to handle it themselves as a DIY.

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