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Home Gas Installation Benefits

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Homeowners can have gas installed in their backyard, pool heaters, fireplaces, stoves, and dryers, among many other places.

While the initial costs for installing and purchasing gas appliances might not seem cost-effective, running gas lines comes with many advantages. Homeowners can have gas installed in their backyard, pool heaters, fireplaces, stoves, and dryers, among many other places. The cost for home gas installation varies depending on the project’s scope. However, Home Advisor reported that the average range to repair or install new gas lines is $271-$883. Their project calculator allows you to become more specific by putting in your zip code or project scope. We also encourage you to request a quote from us. Here is a look at some home gas installation benefits.

Home Gas Installation is Convenient and Accessible 

You’ll appreciate the benefits of gas energy in your home if there is a blackout or storm. You won’t run out of fuel or need to exchange empty gas cylinders for refills. In many cases, underground gas lines are the preferred option because they are less prone to supply disruption. 

Efficient and Energy Efficient

Natural gas is efficient for cooking, running gas appliances, and heating your home. A gas line is a direct heat source you can use indoors and outdoors and produces more heat than other sources. 


You’ll value that you can control cooking temperatures more accurately when using a gas stove. Gas stoves provide an even flame and don’t hold latent heat (the heat required for a substance to change phase, e.g., melt or boil) after turning the burner off as an electric coil would. Natural gas equipment and appliances such as water heaters, furnaces, and dryers consume less energy than their electric counterparts. 


Once again, the cost of home gas installation might seem steep initially. However, the long-term effects are invaluable. You’ll see a distinction in your utility bills if you switch from electric to gas. 


Natural gas makes it easier for you to breathe because it releases CO2 emissions into the air. Charcoal or butane doesn’t burn as cleanly as natural gas. Some fuel alternatives also emit sulfur and nitrogen into the air, making them unsafe for your home. The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) reported that CO2 is minimally toxic by inhalation.  

Home Gas Installation is Smoke-Free

When preparing an outdoor fire, you don’t have to inhale smoke when installing a natural gas connection. Smoke typically causes a coughing fit that you’ll be happy you won’t have to worry about anymore. Also, a smoke-free home gas installation does not pollute the air with carbon monoxide. Plus, a gas barbecue ensures that the gas flame spreads evenly like cooking on a gas stove. You’ll appreciate this even distribution versus the flame only reaching one spot. 


Contact Master Plumbing today whenever you’re ready to invest in a gas appliance, pipe, or fireplace installation. Home gas installation is the safer, more energy-efficient, and cost-effective electric alternative that will make a difference in your home. 

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