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The Practical Advantages Of A Condensing Boiler

The Practical Advantages Of A Condensing Boiler

The difference between a condensing boiler and a traditional heating system is the heat exchanger. Read on to learn if a condensing boiler is for your home.

For the most part, having a condensing boiler tends to be a great investment for most homeowners. In fact, a condensing boiler is designed as a highly efficient water-heating appliance that usually runs on either gas or oil. The reality is, the condensing boiler will typically burn natural gas to then heat the water and then in the process, water vapor is produced and carbon dioxide as well. Ultimately, the difference between a condensing boiler and a more traditional heating system is the use of a larger heat exchanger versus two separate heat exchangers. Here are some of the amazing perks associated with a condensing boiler and why it might just be the best fit for your humble abode.

Highly Efficient

There is no denying that homeowners want heat sources that are incredibly effective and efficient. Fortunately, condensing boilers do just that. In fact, condensing boilers tend to recycle waste seamlessly by circulating gasses back into the system itself. The reality is, condensing boilers typically have around a 90% efficiency overall. Ultimately, that percentage is usually a lot higher than a traditional system which might only have around a 70-80% efficiency rating generally.

Incredibly Environmentally Friendly

Just like being highly efficient and effective, a condensing boiler tends to be very eco-friendly as well. In fact, because of the larger heat exchanger involved in the function of a condensing boiler, there are a lot more eco-friendly mechanisms in place with a condensing boiler compared to other traditional systems. The reality is, condensing boilers typically have a much lower carbon footprint when compared to other traditional heating systems. Ultimately, homeowners gravitate towards homes with a condensing boiler due to the fact that it is very eco-friendly overall. 

Added Safety

With the addition of a condensing boiler, you tend to boost the overall safety of your home overall. In fact, having a condensing boiler is a wonderful way to increase the safety of how your home is heated. The reality is, a condensing boiler alleviates the risk of unwanted worry surrounding the heating of your humble abode. Ultimately, condensing boilers are usually fully sealed — keeping the hot air secure and properly contained — protecting your home overall. 

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