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3 Reasons to Repipe Your Home

3 Reasons to Repipe Your Home

One example of this is replacing the pipes in your home. Pipes are not intended to last forever.

Homeownership is a lot of work and responsibility but the trade-off is having a place you can truly call your own. Regular maintenance tasks like gutter cleaning, drain clearing, and appliance tune-ups (when is the last time you cleaned your dishwasher?) are important to do seasonally, but other tasks take longer to come due. They do eventually come due, however. One example of this is replacing the pipes in your home. Pipes are not intended to last forever. They do last for several decades, but eventually, they wear out and leave you with a huge emergency. Here are three great reasons to look into repiping your house.

Water Pressure

If you’re suffering from low water pressure, there could be many reasons for it, including low flow in from your municipal pipes or simultaneous use in other areas of the house (if for instance you are doing laundry and someone is showering). Another common culprit, however, is old pipes. As they corrode and flake they start to leak. Even when these leaks aren’t visually noticeable, they can still impact your water pressure, and if the leaks are underground or behind a wall they could be building to an even bigger problem down the road. If your pipes are deteriorating, you will probably also notice discoloration in the water. Repiping your home will fix both of these issues.

Better Materials

Depending on the age of your home, the material of your pipes could pose an issue. Very, very old pipes could contain lead, while homes built in the 70’s – 90’s have polybutylene pipes. This material isn’t dangerous, but it is also not very sturdy. Choosing to re-pipe your home now will set you up with the safest, strongest material available so that you don’t have to worry about your pipes for years.

Emergency Protection

Just because you haven’t had a full-blown plumbing emergency doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about your pipes. When you repipe your home you will be able to choose a modern material that is less prone to leaks and damage, thereby preventing a possible disaster. Your new plumbing system will last for decades and take one more thing off your list of worries.

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