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How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Home’s Water Heater

How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Home’s Water Heater

There might be something wrong with your water heater.

In the winter, nothing is better than a warm shower. So imagine stepping into the shower only to be sprayed with cold water! There might be something wrong with your water heater. Here’s a guide on how to make it more efficient.

Flush Out the Tank

The first step is to flush out the tank of the water heater. Magnesium and calcium can build up and clog the tank. However, the problem with that is it will eventually plug the heater and cause it to overheat or explode due to pent-up pressure. First, drain the tank. Then, flush it out with some cold water. Do this at least once a year. If you didn’t do it at the end of this past year, then it’s time to do it now.

Add Insulation

Your pipes will also leak heat. That’s why you need to add insulation. When you want to heat up for more water, the heater will have to run longer and heat up more. By adding insulation, you can ensure that the pipes will stay warmer and won’t suffer a freeze break. Insulating your cold water pipes is a good idea too.

Repair Leaks

Also, you will need to find and repair any leaks in your plumbing. One small leak in your faucet can lead to a huge amount of water waste: more than 1,600 gallons. Any leaks that are affecting the efficiency of your water heater tend to be on the heater itself. Look at the tank of the heater. Then check on the temperature gauge and pressure relief valves. After you’ve done all that, it’s time to inspect all of your plumbing fixtures, such as showers, tubs, sink, and toilets.

Turn Down the Heat

Finally, turn down the heater on your water heater. If nothing else has been making a difference, then maybe this solution will. To do this, reset the thermostat on your water heater. Don’t go above 120 degrees. While this might not be the maximum setting, any hotter than that and your heater will take forever to finish heating the water you need.

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