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Busting 7 Common Plumbing Myths

master plumbing plumbing myths

Learn the truth behind numerous different plumbing myths.

As plumbers, we’ve heard all the plumbing myths, from using bricks in your toilet tank to bathing during a lightning storm. In this blog, we’re dispelling these myths, and more so you can avoid plumbing catastrophe! 

Can I Flush Wipes Down My Toilet?

A widespread plumbing myth is that “flushable” wipes are actually safe for your plumbing. In reality, they don’t break down like regular toilet paper and can cause backups. 

Can Using A Brick in the Tank of My Toilet Save Water?

Another plumbing myth! While it may seem like a good way to trick the toilet into filling up, this can damage your toilet and cause leaks too. Extra flushes and leaks in your toilet won’t save you water. 

Is My Rumbling Water Heater Going to Explode?

Our answer: probably not. Water heaters are notorious for making rumbling, clinking, or pinging noises. Typically these sounds indicate you need to fix your water heater. However, if you smell gas coming from your water heater, that could mean you have a plumbing emergency. 

Is Bathing During a Lightning Storm Safe?

Actually, no. While it’s rare for lightning to travel through your plumbing, it can happen. We recommend waiting for the thunderstorm to pass before enjoying your bath. 

Is Liquid Drain Cleaner Safe for Pipes?

This is one of the most popular and pervasive plumbing myths. Please do not use a liquid drain cleaner to clear clogs. Many liquid drain cleaners are highly abrasive and can damage your pipes, leading to more problems down the road. 

Can I Clean Grease from My Garbage Disposal with Hot Water?

We’ve seen this one many times and our answer is never pour grease down your sink! Hot water can initially clean grease off of the opening of your sink drain. However, once the fat gets to a cooler part of your pipes, it will solidify and cause a clog. 

Can I Sharpen The Blades in My Garbage Disposal with Ice?

While ice won’t damage your garbage disposal and can actually clear stubborn stuck-on food in there, it won’t sharpen the blades. 

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