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Why Plumbing Leaks Should Get Fixed Right Away

Why Plumbing Leaks Should Get Fixed Right Away

It’s important to handle any plumbing leaks as quickly as possible.

The truth is, no one really wants to have to deal with plumbing repairs. They can be complicated, expensive, and in the case of plumbing leaks, they can even give you a scare as we all know how bad water damage can be. It’s important to handle any plumbing leaks as quickly as possible. Don’t ignore those little water spots, as even a small water spot can quickly grow in size, and before you know it, the situation has gotten out of hand and suddenly the cost to fix that problem is much worse.

If you’re on the fence about fixing your plumbing leaks, hopefully this will convince you to take the problem as seriously as it is.

Damaged Walls

Your plumbing pipes run behind the walls of your house. Plumbing leaks, or much worse a total pipe burst, will end up getting your drywall wet and potentially ruining it outright if you don’t take care of the issue quickly. Whenever you notice any moist spots or if you suspect a leak, it’s important that you call a reputable plumbing service right away so that they can evaluate the leak, determine what needs to be done to fix the plumbing problem, and find ways to fix your drywall.

Fixture Damage

Most people think of their plumbing issues as only impacting their drains and pipes, but any kind of leak can damage the fixtures in your home too. That’s right; faucets and showerheads are susceptible to plumbing damage as well. Deteriorated gaskets could get stuck in your plumbing lines and ruin your water pressure. When this problem is left unresolved, you’re ultimately going to need to replace that fixture, which adds an additional $150-$500 to your plumbing bill.

Flooring Problems

Similar to your walls, your flooring can become damaged by plumbing problems as well. Gravity is going to work to pull any flowing water downhill, which often results in leaks under floors. You’ll first notice distorted or discolored floorboards, or in the case of tiles, they may come loose. These are all indicators that your plumbing leak has gotten out of hand and you’re going to need a n expert plumber to come in and do the repair. If you catch the problem early enough, fixing the flooring might be as easy as putting down a dehumidifier and calling it a day. Otherwise, you could be looking at replacing large parts of your flooring.

Mold Development

The kind of moisture that builds up from a leak can cause mold to grow. Whether you see mold or not, leaky plumbing provides the perfect conditions for mold to develop, so you should immediately call a plumbing expert to take a look at the problem. If mold has developed (which usually happens when people put off dealing with their plumbing issues), it’s a serious health issue and you may need a mold remediation expert as well.

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