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Signs That Your Pipes Are Corroding

Signs That Your Pipes Are Corroding

Today, we’ll be going over signs of corroded pipes so that you can resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

The pipes in your home need to be in good condition. When they aren’t, it can cause serious problems, such as property damage that can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs. So, how can you tell when your pipes are getting corroded? Today, we’ll be going over signs of corroded pipes so that you can resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Fixtures Become Discolored

Have you noticed that your tub or sink is changing in color? If you have corroding pipes, then this is a possibility. The colors you might see include brown, orange, or yellow. The color you see will depend on what degree of corrosion you have.

You Hear Odd Sounds

If your piping has started to corrode, they might start making some strange sounds, typically whenever you flush your toilet or turn your tap off. Air pockets will develop inside of your corroded piping, which is the cause of the odd sounds you might hear in your house.

You Have Lower Water Pressure

When your pipes become corroded, you’ll find that you have lower water pressure throughout your house. You’ll likely notice this most easily when you run the water in your sink or you try to take a shower. When rust accumulates in your pipes, it reduces how much space the piping offers for water to run through them.

Water Leaks

Another sign that your pipes could be corroded is if you’re experiencing water leaks. Sometimes, corrosion in your piping will cause enough damage that your pipes will actually start to develop cracks. These cracks allow water to seep out of your piping, which is the source of the leaking. If you’ve noticed any puddles forming inside of your house, you should get a professional plumbing company to come by and address the problem.

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