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Water, Water, Everywhere: Unexpected and Strange Dripping Noises

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The sound of constantly dripping water can drive you up a wall.

The sound of constantly dripping water can drive you up a wall. If you hear this sound, even if it’s faint, you should investigate. Forgetting to turn off the sink or shower upstairs is a minor catastrophe. That scenario becomes more unpleasant when a drain is clogged or blocked. Regardless of its source or why it’s happening, take steps to discover what’s wrong. To that end, we’ve prepared a handy guide for you to follow! 

Telltale Signs of Persistent Drips 

Wallpaper shouldn’t be peeling away from the walls they are attached to. Similarly, water-damaged paint is a good indication that there are problematic drips hidden behind the walls of your house. That means they’re much harder to detect and address. Cracks in the ceiling, rising water bills, buildups of mold, and puddles gathering around your appliances are also bad omens.  

Your Faucets Are Leaking 

Where could the sounds of constant dripping come from? Well, one of the most common culprits is a leaky faucet. One easy way to test this theory is by turning off all the faucets inside your home. Go through each room where you would find one – the kitchen, the bathroom, and even the deep sink in your laundry room. 

You’ve Got Worn-Out Pipes 

Aging pipes are common contributors to ongoing plumbing problems. Wide cracks and pinhole leaks can get much worse if they aren’t dealt with properly. Eventually, the water from these issues will cause structural damage and run up your associated bills. Listen for unusual dripping and tapping. Then keep an eye out for bizarre discolorations that you don’t remember seeing before. 

Too Much AC Runoff 

In the summertime, running the AC is a quick and easy way to cool off. This year, 2021’s summer has been blazing hot. Thus, you’re probably tempted to run the air conditioning more frequently. Do so with caution since this can lead to runoff that has nowhere else to go. You can hear it, too. The expression “if walls could talk” takes on a new, scarier meaning if it’s coming in loud and clear when you don’t want it to be.  

Excessive Accumulation of Condensation 

Wild temperature fluctuations have unpleasant effects on your home’s plumbing and, more importantly, its water supply. Condensation usually collects on windows that look like they are “sweating.” Even so, you should expect to see it anywhere there are intact pipes. Although this happens far more often in the summer, it can also occur during the winter

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