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Why Re-Piping Your House is Worth It

Keeping Your Home’s Plumbing Safe This Year

While many homeowners like to transform their kitchen or bathroom, they don’t think about the pipes running through the entire house.

Picking your next remodeling project can be exciting. However, figuring out what renovations you need can be tricky if you’re not keeping a detailed list that you modify every time you come across another problem. While many homeowners like to transform their kitchen or bathroom, they don’t think about the pipes running through the entire house.

Upgrades Are Worth It

Pipes will eventually wear out at some point. Like everything else in your home, you need to replace them. You wouldn’t keep a microwave or a washing machine if they no longer serve their purposes. So if your current pipes have outlived their usefulness, then upgrades are worth it. Pipes are built to last, but think about how often water mains in your town break. Pipes that are older than fifty years old are at their breaking point. Copper pipes tend to last longer than this benchmark, and galvanized pipes could still be there a hundred years from now. That said, poor water quality will take its toll. Plus, any damage issues can cause old plumbing to stop working.

Get Rid of Old Pipes

Get rid of old pipes. It’s pointless to put it off. For one thing, using chemical drain cleaners will do more harm than good. Pipes from all of the most recent decades except the most recent ones will need to be replaced with newer ones. This is because you don’t want to rely on polybutylene pipes anymore. At one time, they made for excellent alternatives to lead pipes. The problem is that these pipes are prone to breaking, which is another reason to get them out of your house.

Address Water Pressure and Color Problems

Water pressure problems can also become a problem. Most of the time, this is for a simple reason, such as someone running the dishwasher while you’re trying to take a shower. If you get your water from the city, then other problems could be affecting how much flow you are getting. Then again, it could just be your pipes. Flakes of rust and bits of dirt can cause the water to turn disgusting colors. Even if the water is technically safe to use, you won’t want to. Leaks can also point out that something has gone wrong and you need to deal with it right away.

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