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How Much Do You Really Want that Jetted Tub?

How Much Do You Really Want that Jetted Tub?

A jetted tub has always been considered one of the hallmarks of a luxury bathroom.

A jetted tub has always been considered one of the hallmarks of a luxury bathroom. After all, who doesn’t love taking a relaxing bath in a jetted tub after a long day at the office? However, installing a jetted tub in your bathroom is a major decision that you should fully work through before signing on the dotted line. Here is what you need to know about owning a jetted tub.

The Good News

Jetted tubs are a great way to add a taste of hotel or spa life to your bathroom. You will always be only a few minutes away from getting to put your feet up in a delightful, warm, jetted tub. If a bath is the way that you take the stress of the day off, there will be no beating the investment that you make in one. Jetted tubs are also particularly valuable if you have a physical therapy regimen or have problems with sore muscles, achy joints, bad circulation, or limited flexibility.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, the excitement and comfort associated with a jetted tub come at a steep cost. Jetted tubs are very expensive to invest in and can easily exceed $1,500 before factoring in the cost of the installation itself. Even mid-range jetted tubs cost $2,000 for the total process. The installation is tricky because jetted tubs are typically larger than normal bathtubs, deeper, and heavier. Aside from the initial installation costs, you should also expect your water bill to increase a great deal due to all of the extra water you’ll be using to fill your jetted tub.

Other downsides of a jetted tub include the cleaning process. Unlike a traditional bathtub, where you can see all of the nooks and crannies to clean them out, jetted tubs have an extensive network of jets and air tubes that need to be cleaned. If you invest in a high-end model, your jetted tub might be self-cleaning. However, most jetted tubs require you to manually clean out the air jets to prevent mold and mildew growth.

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