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We started Master Plumbing and Mechanical in 1987, so we’re in our 31st year. We’re primarily a residential service company — sewer cleaning, sewer videoing, water heater installations and repair, boilers. We’re all in-house, and our guys have been here for 10-plus years. We’re not going out and subbing guys out. We’re not hiring subcontractors or anything like that. Employees with longevity is extremely important.

“We have located the blockage on the camera screen here.”

Customers know us, they know all our guys, they know our quality of work.

“I’m going to locate exactly where it is.”

Being in business a long time, we do work for people, and then their kids grow up and they buy houses and now we’re doing work for their kids, which is a good feeling. Because it feels like we must be doing something right.

I came here almost 20 years ago, and the main thing that has changed is customers are so much more educated now than they’ve ever been before. With the use of the Internet and Google searches, they have an idea of what they want. So because of that, they want to talk to a plumber. And when you call, you are calling to this office here speaking to one of us. And a lot of times we help the customer out without even coming to their home, which is a great thing, especially on small projects. They think something’s wrong — well wait a minute, we talk them through it.

We do in-house training. But we also send our guys out to classes by different manufacturers, making sure they understand the product, making sure that they know how to install it. That keeps you up to date on all the changing aspects of the plumbing world. We like our guys to kind of take a look, make you aware of other things that we see in the house. It’s not like a sale that we’re pushing — hey, you got to do this, you got to do that — but it’s beneficial for the customer to know — hey, this might be something I need to budget for.

And that’s been our goal all along when we started our business 30 years ago. Great service, fair price.

A lot has changed the industry over the years. What we’ve always stayed on course with, quality service, fair pricing, treat the customer with the utmost respect, and that’s number one goal for our company.

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