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Is Something Wrong with Your Garbage Disposal?

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The most obvious indication that your garbage disposal needs attention is when it flat-out stops working.

We get it: troubleshooting sounds unpleasant. Even so, it is a necessary task. From time to time, various appliances around the house will stop working as they should. In the kitchen, the garbage disposal is probably in your lineup of usual suspects. So how can you tell when something is wrong with it? And how would you know when you’ll need to get a replacement for it? Hold those thoughts because we’ve got some answers

It Stops Working Altogether 

The most obvious indication that your garbage disposal needs attention is when it flat-out stops working. This frustrating situation can lead to gross results – especially when the sink can’t be emptied of the coffee grinds and expired milk you tried pouring down the drain! There could be an electrical problem. Double-check the power cord to make sure it is plugged in; then, press the reset button on the unit’s bottom. If those first two steps don’t help, go look at the fuse box. Here, you might discover a tripped circuit. 

Meanwhile, humming noises indicate that the disposal has power, but it’s clogged. To resolve this, turn the disposal off and then unplug the power cord before you proceed. Grab a flashlight and tongs because you’ll need them to spot the source of the clog and remove it. 

You Can’t Eliminate Weird Odors

Imagine this scenario: you’ve just finished rinsing the dishes and loaded the dishwasher. For once, the sink is totally empty, but you need to run the disposal anyway. Then suppose that a weird, stinky odor lingers. Chicken skin, grease, and vegetable skins sound innocuous, but they could be your kitchen sink’s worst nightmare. Luckily, you have a few handy weapons in your arsenal: hot water, degreaser soap, and, surprisingly enough, ice cubes.

The Drain Runs Too Slowly 

Sometimes, it’s evident that the drain is busted. That’s because food debris and water just won’t go away. Plunging the drain is often the best method of dealing with this issue; it’s a nifty hack that can prevent a blocked drain from flooding your kitchen (or your bathroom, to boot!) A few vigorous plunges should help. If not, call a plumber. They can tell you if you really need a replacement. 

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