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Water Line Replacement in Columbia

Water Line Replacement in Columbia

Columbia residents can trust Master Plumbing to replace damaged or broken water lines.

Although you will find many simple plumbing fixes easy to do, sometimes you will be at a loss for what to do next. This is especially true when you need your water lines replaced. Water line replacement may be more time-consuming for Columbia homeowners than repairs, but it is still worth it.

Common Problems

There are several common problems that tell you it’s time for a water line replacement. Corrosion caused environmental factors such as shifting soil or excessive frost can damage the pipes supplying your Columbia home with water. Eventually, the damage will be so extensive that repairs won’t do the trick: you’ll need replacements instead. Pressure damage and leaks can also lead to you needing water line replacement.

How do you find leaks? That’s a good question. Water damage, the growth of mold, and wasted water are all early signs that something is wrong. Look for unusually wet areas and the growth of mildew. You’ll need to switch off your water supply and keep a close watch on your Columbia’s water meter to find any possible leakages.

Major Signs

When assessing your water line, there are some major signs you should keep an eye out for:

  • Your home is more than five decades old.
  • You’ve been dealing with plumbing problems for more than a few months, or even in the last few years.
  • If these problems are present, then you should consider a water line replacement for your Columbia home.

Find Utilities

The next step is to find the underground utilities around your home. Before you can get started with repairs or replacements for your water line, you need to know where all the utility lines are. Getting in touch with an inspector can help you figure out where the lines are, and how they can be avoided before any digging or other physical work begins.

Don’t Do It Yourself

While you can find tips, tutorials, and guides for attempting to complete water line replacements, don’t do it yourself. There are many other preparations you can take care of, but be sure to call the experts here at Master Plumbing to come and do the work for you. That way, we can ensure that the project will be done on time and is entirely safe. Start the new year off right and give us a call today!

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